Fibertex Geotextiles F-10 to F-1200M

Fibertex Geotextiles are designed for use in building and construction works for separation, filtration, drainage, protection, stabilisation and reinforcement. The products are particularly well suited for road works, construction, ground systems, drainage/filtration, hydraulic works and waste disposal.

Product features

Fibertex staple fibre-needlepunch technology ensures high quality geotextiles with:

  • High strength, high elongation = high energy absorption
  • Excellent resistance to installation damage = high puncture resistence
  • Long-term wearing properties = more than 100 years of service life
  • Unique hydraulic properties = controlled high water flow
  • Excellent abrasion properties = no surface abrasion
  • High uniformity = ensured by pristine production and quality control
  • No delamination = fibres interlocked in all three dimensions
Fibertex Geotextiles

Technical data

Product data sheets for Fibertex F-10 to F-1200M

Data sheets include technical information about the wide range of Fibertex Geotextiles.

Download product Application Guide

The Product Key shows the applications and functions of a wide range of Fibertex Geotextiles. The Product Key helps you choose the correct Fibertex Geotextile for your construction project.

Product key

Geotextile Projects

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