Fibertex WeedControl® is designed to control weeds.

Fibertex WeedControl® reduces the growth of obstinate, perennial root weeds, yet guarantees optimal growing conditions for utility plants.

Geosynthetics WeedSeal

WeedControl® significantly reduces light necessary for plant growth, yet ensures optimal conditions for soil bacteria and fungi to develop naturally, as water and air pass through the fabric unhindered.

Fibertex WeedControl® ensures favourable growing conditions for utility plants. The fabric retains the earth’s moisture and nutrients, preventing them from being washed away or eroded by heavy rain.

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Advantages of WeedControl®:

  • Root weeds are starved of light and prevented from absorbing nutrition
  • An easier, more efficient and cheaper way to maintain utility plants
  • Reduces evaporation from the earth and subsequent drying-out during periods with little rainfall


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