Stay ahead through technology, expertise and innovation

By innovating together with our customers, we enable them to develop and improve automotive parts, using our superior lightweight, high-performance nonwovens solutions.

We work closely with top-tier manufacturers, and we are driven by the ambition to develop the best and most efficient solutions for world markets.
Today, we are the trusted and preferred partner, through our dedication to the industry.

The automotive industry is always changing, and always improving. We use our expertise and competencies, derived from decades of experience, to help customers add value to their solutions.

We are continuously investing in our technological and innovative capabilities to serve a growing customer base and increase our global presence.

A vital part of every aspect of a car

Fibertex Nonwovens Automotive

How we can add value to your business

  • We are reliable and capable
  • Our innovative solutions increase material performance, and enhance acoustics and sustainability at lower weight
  • Steer safely through the changing demands of the industry with Fibertex

Important features

Fibertex nonwovens are used in the manufacture of cars for various purposes: To reduce the weight of the car, to improve comfort and enhance aesthetics and for general insulation and fire retardancy. But most importantly, we improve the experience and comfort for the driver and passengers, through advanced acoustics solutions and high efficient filter media.

We improve comfort through advanced acoustics solutions

We improve fuel economy by reducing weight

We improve security

We improve the overall cost-efficiency

Automotive applications where Fibertex Nonwovens products are used

Engine bay cropped

Engine bay

  • Engine compartment insulation
  • Cabin air filter & Diesel particle filter
  • Dash insulation
  • Tunnel & Air engine intake
  • Wheel housing
Interious cropped


  • Headliners
  • Seats
  • Carpet backings
  • Door panels
Wheel & Underbody cropped

Wheel and underbody

  • Wheel housing
  • Wheel liner
  • Underbody cover
  • Secondary carpet backings
  • Cable wrap
Luggage compartment cropped

Luggage compartment

  • Parcel tray
  • Trunk carpets
  • Side walls
  • Seat cover backings
  • Carpet backing

Automotive applications

automotive headliners


car engine compartments

Engine compartments

Automotive Seats



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