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Technical documentation, including certificates, reports, data sheets and installation guides, are available for you to download.


Technical reports
Testing of Formtex CPF liner for protection against early chloride ingress into concrete containing fly ash
An investigation of Formtex CPF and effects of its reuse
Application of Formtex CPF in the Arabian Gulf
Formtex - water retention capacity of fibre liner
Saugende Schalungsbahn
Saugende Schalungsbahn 2
Evaluation of the effect of CPF on the surface properties of concrete
Use of permeable Formwork in placing and curing concrete
Hygiene certificate for Formtex
ISO 9001
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ISO 14001
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Technical flyers
Specifying CPF liners
Formtex® function
A low w/c ratio is the key to durable concrete
Concrete quality
Calculation of material requirements



Installation guideline

Formtex® is designed for tensioned, glued or self-adhesive mounting to vertical or inclined surfaces. Once Formtex® is attached, concrete casting is performed as usual. CPF liners can easily be removed from the concrete during formwork striking.

The tensioning method is used mainly for installing Formtex® on wooden formwork, while the gluing method is recommended for steel formwork. 

The self-adhesive backside is covered with a siliconised plastic foil, making it possible to place the Formtex® liner on the form and to remove the foil without tensioning or misplacing the CPF liner, thus preventing folds or poor joints.

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