Concrete case stories

Here you can find a list of case stories about Formtex®.

Marine structures

Degradation of marine concrete structures – particularly splash zones - is accelerated by aggressive elements, like salt water, high temperatures and increased C02 levels in the air. 

Formtex® provides a smooth, dense and strong concrete cover, to prevent the ingress of harsh elements, significantly extending service life of the structure.

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Container Terminal No. 9, Hong Kong 
Container Terminal Phase III Yantin, China
Container Terminal Shekou, China

Concrete_Marine structures
Concrete_Bridges and Tunnels

Bridges and roads

Bridges, tunnels and other road constructions suffer from tough environmental conditions. 

Concrete used in the construction of structures deteriorates as a result of de-icing salts, freeze and thaw conditions. Concrete is also affected by aggressive elements, like salt water, elevated temperatures and increased C02 levels in the air.

Formtex® CPF liners provide concrete surface enhancement to ensure maximum lifetime of constructions.

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Bridge parapets, Switzerland
Lot 1D - TGV Méditerranée, France
Hangzhou Bay Bridge, China
The Sheikh Jabar Al Ahmad Causeway, Kuwait

Concrete Bridge Kuwait

Case story - Bridge in Kuwait

Kuwait City and Shubiya New Town, Kuwait
The Sheikh Jabar Al Ahmad Causeway

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Drinking water applications

Mechanical resistance of concrete in drinking water tanks is imperative, as the concrete face is subjected to regular high-pressure jet-washing.  

Formtex® improves the durability of concrete structure and provides a smooth, void-free surface, that is not contaminated by micro-organisms, which normally flourish in voids and feed on oils.

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Drinking water tank, Chemnitz
Rainwater tank in Günzburg
Chai Wan Fresh Water Reservoir, Hong Kong

Concrete_Drinking water tank in Chemnitz
Concrete_Sewage work in Großglattbach

Sewage plants and settlement tanks

Chemical and mechanical resistance of concrete structures of sewage plants and settlement tanks is critical. 

The concrete face, which is in constant contact with wastewater, needs to withstand the penetration of aggressive substances and endure high-pressure cleaning procedures.

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Sewage work Großglattbach


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Long lifetime of concrete structures with Formtex®

Formtex® drains surplus water and air, providing for a denser concrete cover layer without blowholes. The result is increased resistance to degradation from penetration of chloride, water, carbon dioxide and frost/thaw.

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