FiberAcoustic® 450 Colours

FIberAcoustic 450 Colours

Product Features

FiberAcoustic® 450 can be supplied in any colour and offers the unique opportunity to be creative towards customer-specific designs, without compromising the acoustic performance.

  • Any colour which can be specified by NCS or Pantone® codes 
  • The ink does not affect the product’s fire properties 
  • Customer-specific designs e.g. logos, pictures, slogans or patterns 
  • Unique creative solution options 
  • We encourage you to challenge us to provide state-of-the-art quality, performance and visual appearance
 FiberAcoustic® 450 Colours
Sound absorptionUp to 97 %
Fire classificationB-s1, d0
Standard dimension1.15 x 40 m


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