Fibertex synthetic nonwovens and nanofibre treated products are suitable for use in various functional layers in protective face masks and respirators. Functions include comfort, moulding supports, particulate efficiency layers and barriers against viruses and bacteria, as well as protection from liquid penetration. Fibertex activated carbon products are highly-effective in the control and absorption of odours, smoke and liquids.

Mask materials are available up to FFP3 / N99 / Type IIR / Level 3 barrier efficiency levels for disposable surgical and respiratory masks and up to HEPA 13 efficiency level for reusable canister filters.

The advantages of using Fibertex materials:

  • Fibertex nanofibre layers, being a purely mechanical filtration layer, guarantees efficiency of the filtration layer during the lifetime of the mask.
  • Improved durability of the nanofibre layer enables extended storage time of masks, making them suitable for use as disaster and epidemic relief safety stocks.
  • Fibertex also offers single-ply filter layers for reusable masks. No additional layers are required.
  • The Fibertex team has extensive experience and expertise in synthetic nonwovens and nanofibre treated products and a thorough understanding of the requirements of global healthcare authorities for facemasks and respirators.
Medico respirators

Fibertex nanofibre treatment in depth loading filters offer exceptional filtration efficiency, with low pressure drop, without any electrical charge. Pure mechanical filtration ensures no efficiency loss during the lifetime of the mask or respirator.

Fibertex depth filtration media – which extend the service-life of the filter – have a gradient structure, comprising an initial pre-filter layer, a dust holding layer and the final nanofibre layer. Materials are available in various thicknesses, depending on end-use requirements.

All products can be delivered slitted to specific end-use widths required.


Media type Filter application Weight Thickness

Mask Type Standard

        EN149+ A1 : 2009 NIOSH 42CFR84 GB32610
Polyester / other fibres Molding layer 120-130 gsm 2.0-3.0 mm n/a n/a n/a
Polyester Particulate filtration layer
Protective Masks
40-50 gsm 0.3 mm FFP1   C
        FFP2 N95 B
        FFP3   A
Polyester / Polypropylene Pleatable Respirator media 100-120 gsm 0.6 mm E12    

Possible treatment options of Polyester and Spunbond media are:
Hydrophopic/Oleophopic or Antimicrobial

Possible treatment options of Polyester/Polypropylene media are:
Antistatic, Hydrophopic/Oleophopic or Antimicrobial

Media type Filter application Weight Thickness

Mask Type Standard

        EN14683-2014 ASTM F2100-11  
Polyester Barrier layer medical use 40-50 gsm 0.3 mm TypeⅠa Level1Barrier  
         TypeⅡ Level2Barrier  
         TypeⅡR Level3Barrier  

Possible treatment options of Spunbond soft feel media are:
Hydrophopic/Oleophopic or Antimicrobial
(Does not apply for 100% Polyester soft feel N95 ASTM F2100-11 Standard)

Medico respirators

Fibertex is committed to assisting countries around the world with the supply of quality materials for medical and non-medical facemasks and respirators, urgently needed during the COVID-19 pandemic.