FiberAcoustic® Impact 19

FA Impact 19 is an indoor climate-friendly impact noise fabric that effectively dampen impact noise in multi-storey buildings.

FA Impact roll
  • Superior performance
  • Easy to manage
  • Simple installation
  • Elastic
  • Durable
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Resistant to fungal and bacterial growth
  • Environmentally friendly

FA Impact 19 provides noise reduction of up to 36 dB on impact noise and retains its efficiency even over a longer period of time. It contains no harmful chemicals. The product is light, and extremely durable. There is therefore no need to be nervous about the product getting damaged during installation or increasing the load on joints. 

The impact noise fabric is easy to install between floors and concrete and one person can manage the rolls without help. The product can last for the rest of the building’s lifetime once it has been correctly installed.

Product data - FiberAcoustic® Impact 19
Impact noise
Up to 36 dBWeighted reduction19 dB
Thickness4 mmResistance
Chemical / biological
100 %
Porosity85 %Water absorption0
Long-term creeping< 1 mmPuncture strength3,9 kN
Dimensions FA Impact 191 x 25 m
2 x 50 m
4 x 100 m
5 x 50 m
5 x 100 m
Roll weight12 kg
50 kg
200 kg
125 kg
250 kg
Dimensions FA Impact 19F-202 x 50 mRoll weight50,5 kg
Plastic foil (FA Impact 19F-20)20 µm  
Dimensions FA Impact 19F-120
Vapour barrier
1 x 25 m
2 x 50 m
Roll weight13 kg
53 kg
Plastic foil (FA Impact 19F-120)
Vapour barrier
120 µm  

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