Impact noise damping with FiberAcoustic®

FiberAcoustic Impact
  • Up to 39 dB impact noise damping
  • 100% environmentally & allergy friendly
  • Keeps its shape and doesn’t collapse
  • Improved indoor climate and well-being
  • Resilient to mould
  • Danish design & development

Effective damping

The FiberAcoustic® Impact product line has been specially developed for impact noise damping under floating concrete floors in floor structures, stairways, corridors and wet rooms, and for the refraction of sound between concrete elements.

lydkurve impact


 Impact noise reduction
 Up toWeighted ʌ Lw
FA Impact 2139 dB21 dB
FA Impact 1936 dB19 dB
FA Impact 1834 dB18 dB

The difference between FA Impact 21, 19 and 18 is their ability to dampen the impact noise.

Simple installation

Does not require gluing. Can be laid directly on floor structures following preparation.

Trinlydsdugen reducerer støjgener med op til 39 dB

Chemically resistant (PP)

Properties are not changed by exposure to moisture or chemicals. No hydrolysis upon contact with water.

FiberAcoustic Impact 19 især velegnet til svømmende gulve i vådrum


Resistant to fungal and bacterial growth.

FiberAcoustic Impact 19 er velegnet til svømmende gulve i trappeopgange

100 % environmentally friendly

Does not contain substances that are harmful to the indoor climate or environment.

Trinlydsdugen FiberAcoustic Impact 19 dæmper støj i gangareal

Long durability

Does not creep over time. Elastic joints undergo minimal stress.

Floor construction

For floor structures, the impact noise fabric is used between the concrete slab and cast concrete floor to effectively dampen sound transmitted through the construction.

For tiles

1. Concrete floor
2. FiberAcoustic® Impact
3. Plastic foil / Primer
4. Reinforcement
5. Concrete
6. Tiles

FA Impact Klinkegulv

For wooden floor

1. Concrete floor
2. FiberAcoustic® Impact
3. Plastic foil / Primer
4. Reinforcement
5. Concrete
6. Tiles or wooden floor
7. Woodback®

FA Impact Traegulv


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