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FiberAcoustic® Products

For noise-absorbing performance

FiberAcoustic® products consist of top quality, environmentally-friendly materials, with excellent acoustic properties and exceptional sound absorption, for suspended ceilings, wall panels and floors. FiberAcoustic® products offer boundless creative opportunities, with no limit to colour selection, design or textures.

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Fiberacoustic rolls black and white

FiberAcoustic® 75

Experience less noise and an improved well-being with FiberAcoustic® 75. An aesthetic and environmentally friendly solution that adheres  to the strict standards of fire retardancy.

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FiberAcoustic Impact 19 Trinlydsdug

FiberAcoustic® Impact 19

In the constructions of buildings where concrete slabs are used to separate the individual stories, one layer of Fibertex nonwovens is used in between the slab and the cast concrete flooring to reduce noise transported through the construction.

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FIberAcoustic 450 Colours

FiberAcoustic® 450 Colours

FiberAcoustic® 450 can be supplied in any colour and offers the unique opportunity to be creative towards customer-specific designs, without compromising the acoustic performance

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Fiberacoustic rolls black and white

FiberAcoustic® 450

FiberAcoustic® 450 offers a high acoustic performance, while adhering to the strict standards of fire retardancy. It offers resistance to all common cleaning detergents, and can be vacuum cleaned and wiped using a damp cloth. 

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