Air Filtration

Fibertex has developed advanced pleatable products for air filtration, based on in-house produced nanofiber layers, which are combined with tailored nonwovens, to support the benefits provided by nanofiber materials.

The Fibertex Pleatex® filter media product range – which can be pleated on all types of pleating machines – offers the highest efficiency and lowest pressure drop on the market, through pure mechanical filtration. Pleatex® media do not lose their efficiency due to electrical discharge in the presence of moisture and air pollutants, like electret meltblowns. Additionally, these products do not contain any harmful, small fibre shreds, as is the case with conventional fine glass fibre-based filtration products.

Filtration_filter media

All products in this range conform with new ISO 16890 requirements and also adhere to the lowest energy consumption standards in ventilation systems.

Pleatex® filter media containing nanofibers can achieve filtration efficiencies up to HEPA 13 level according to EN 1822 and ISO 35H according to ISO 29463.

In addition to Pleatex® filter media, Fibertex manufactures a wide range of needlepunch, carded, thermally bonded and spunlace air filtration products.

All Fibertex filtration products can be treated with permanent plasma coating or non-permanent impregnations, to enhance hydrophobicity, oleophobicity or hydrophilicity. Anti-static treatment is also available.

Surface filtration products have been developed for many applications, including:

  • Dust collection and air pollution control media for cartridges and bags
  • Engine air intake media - heavy duty vehicles
  • Gas turbine inlet air media
  • Dust collection appliances, like industrial vacuum cleaners media

Depth filtration products, both pleatable and flat media types, are suitable for the following applications:

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) media
  • Protective face mask and respirator media
  • Cabin air media
  • Engine air intake media – passenger vehicles
  • Appliances media
  • HEPA

Air filtration applications


High-quality nonwovens, with impregnated activated carbon, are designed to absorb odours, smoke and liquids.

Sorption filter media can be combined with standard filtration media or with a nanofiber layer, to ensure highly-efficient mechanical filtration.

The activated carbon of this durable material is well impregnated to ensure clean handling and further processing of the media into filters.

These filtration media also offer extended service life.

Applications include:

  • HVAC
  • Air purifiers
  • Cooker hoods and fryers
  • Vacuum cleaners and other appliances
  • Chemical protection suits
  • Face masks and respirators
  • Packaging materials


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