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Fibertex EnviTex Oil – an innovative and sustainable solution to protect groundwater from oil spills

In our busy world, the significant growth in oil consumption has resulted in greater concentrations of petroleum hydrocarbons in soil and groundwater, due to leaks and spills from oil tanks, trucks and cars.

Because petroleum hydrocarbons have toxic properties that are harmful to plant and animal life, it has become increasingly important to minimise the effects of oil spills.

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The Fibertex solution to petroleum hydrocarbon pollution is bioremediation, which makes use of micro-organisms that are environmental-friendly and cost-effective, compared to conventional physical and chemical treatments.

EnviTex Oil retains petroleum hydrocarbons and enhances biodegradation. Retaining and concentrating the oil significantly enhances the environment for natural microbes to degrade the oil, minimising the risk of contamination of ground water and drainage water.

Sustainable benefits of EnviTex Oil

  • An eco-friendly, long-lasting, maintenance-free geotextile that acts as a filter
  • Cleans up runoff water as it infiltrates the soil
  • Restores clean water to nature
  • Protects our ecosystem from pollution
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EnviTex Oil

What is EnviTex oil

EnviTex Oil is a porous multi-component fabric, made from optimized polypropylene fibres that provide an efficient filter, separating oil and other hydrocarbons from water passing through the fabric. The other components increase initial microbial growth and ensure optimal moisture needed by the microbes.

EnviTex Oil provides the same functions as a Fibertex filtration and separation geotextile.

EnviTex Oil

EnviTex oil in drainage systems

EnviTex Oil can also be applied into drainage systems, skimming oil from the drainage water and enabling easy replacement of the fabric if the pollutants exceed the degradation capacity.

Value proposition

EnviTex Oil is treated with an advanced finish that increases oil adsorbance, releases food for microorganisms and boosts the environment for fast biodegradation of oil.
The specialised finish is developed specifically for enhancing biodegradation of hydrocarbons in soil, allowing a total petroleum hydrocarbon degradation reaching 200 ml/m2 per year*).
Tests performed by independent laboratories document a market-leading oil absorption capacity.

*) Measured in a laboratory on oil-contaminated soil with a consortium taken directly from top-layer soil.

Applications for EnviTex Oil

EnviTex Oil is designed for use beneath parking lots, roads and highways, garages, airports, railways, construction sites and gas stations.

EnviTex Oil leaflet

EnviTex Oil

EnviTex Oil leaflet

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