Biodegradable weed control

  • Reduce weeds in slopes, hedges and garden beds
  • The fabric is biodegradable when placed in contact with soil
  • No need to cover with wood chips or gravel 
  • The fabric is permeable to water, air and nutrients
  • Fast and easy installation

Fibertex WeedControl® products suppresses troublesome weeds like couch grass, horsetail, goutweed and dandelion.

For applications such as slopes, hedges and garden beds with a temporary need for weed control, a biodegradable* weed control product is a better alternative, as it will decompose faster than traditional weed control products.


* Fibertex BioWeedControl biodegrades at a highly accelerated rate, as compared to standard polyester products. The rate of biodegradation is depending on environmental conditions. The biodegradable process is activated when the product is placed in contact with soil. Fibertex BioWeedControl biodegrades into natural components. The product is simply designed to eventually return to materials found in nature.

Product overview

ProductDimensionRollBasic weight
Fibertex BioWeedControl1 m x 15 m15 m2110 gsm


Home and Garden - Installation BioWeedControl

BioWeedControl hinders sunlight in reaching the weeds.
This inhibits photosynthesis, which means the weed dies.

  • Remove all weeds.
  • Rake and remove stones and roots to obtain a smooth and level foundation.
  • Unroll the BioWeedControl and fix the edges with stones or pegs. This will keep the fabric in place, even in windy conditions. Ensure that the fabric is laid out with an overlap of 20 cm.
  • Mark the fabric with an ”X”, where you want to place the plant(s).
  • Cut the ”X” in a size matching the plant’s root.
  • Dig a hole and plant the plant. Fold back the flaps against the plant.


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