RootSeal Premium

Hampers the horizontal invasion of unwanted roots and plants

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  • Protects and reduces the damages on walkways, terraces, garden ponds and sewerage systems caused by roots growing wild
  • The ideal solution for a well-proportioned and clear bordered lawn
  • Enables you to limit the growth of certain fast-spreading plants in areas outlined by RootSeal Premium
  • Helps the roots to grow downwards instead of along the ground surface
  • 100% guarantee of no root penetration through the RootSeal Premium

If you do not want roots to grow horizontally and cause damage to your pavement, garden pond or sewerage system, you install Fibertex RootSeal Premium that blocks out unwanted roots or plants.

With Fibertex RootSeal Premium Lawn Edge, you can effectively and discretely prevent the invasion of grass and weeds in your flower beds.


Proven high-performance

Tested on bamboo and lupin in accordance with the “method for determining the resistance to roots” (DIN CEN/TS 14416, 01 2006), with no penetration after six weeks.

RootSeal Premium Product range


DimensionRollBasic weight
Fibertex RootSeal Premium0.7 m x 20 m14 m2250 gsm
Fibertex RootSeal Premium1.3 m x 20 m26 m2250 gsm
Fibertex RootSeal Premium1 m x 50 m50 m2250 gsm
Fibertex RootSeal Premium Lawn Edge0.2 m x 10 m2 m2250 gsm


Fibertex RootSeal Premium is easily installed vertically along the edge of the hole.

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