Avoids anthills on the patio

Home and Garden - Patio
  • For terraces, patios and walkways
  • Deters ants from removing sand from beneath the pavement which over time makes your paving wobbling
  • Secures and stabilises a long-term beautiful terrace
  • Can also be used for perimeter drains, fascines and stone drains

If you do not want ants to invade your patio, place Fibertex Patio® underneath your pavement. You will then enjoy a beautiful and even patio for many years.

Fibertex Patio® is designed to be used for lightly loaded areas such as patios and walkways.

High quality product based on virgin raw materials granting a life time of more than 100 years.

Patio® product range

ProductDimensionRollBasic weight
Fibertex Patio®1 m x 20 m20 m280 gsm
Fibertex Patio®1 m x 25 m25 m280 gsm
Fibertex Patio®2 m x 25 m50 m280 gsm


Home and Garden - Installation Patio

Patio and walkway stabiliser


  • Remove about 20 cm soil and unroll the first layer of fabric overlapping the edges. Overlap lanes with 20 cm.
  • Place a layer of about 10-15 cm  graded aggregate.
  • Hose the graded aggregate layer gently. Compact several times with e.g. a plate vibrator.


  • Place 3-5 cm moist levelling layer of sand on top of this. Place levelling rails in the sand.

  • Use a sliding bracket (a board or similar) to level out the surface.


  • Unroll the second layer of fabric and make sure it is flush with the edge. Overlap lanes with 20 cm.
  • Place the slabs 10-15 cm from the edge of the fabric.
  • To prevent slaps from sliding, establish support along edges by laying edge slaps in a thin concrete layer. Edge restraints can be used as an alternative.

  • Sweep dry, fine sand between the slabs and vibrate the slab paving gently.


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