Reduces weeds in your garden

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  • Less time consuming and troublesome weeding
  • Long lasting installation – minimum 10 years
  • The fabric is permeable to water, air and nutrients
  • Better growing conditions for your utility plants
  • Environmentally friendly – no chemicals

If you do not want to struggle with tough weeds, Fibertex WeedControl® is the best solution for minimal maintenance in your garden.

Fibertex WeedControl® suppresses troublesome weeds like couch grass, horsetail, goutweed and dandelion. The better WeedControl® type you choose the better efficiency against aggressive and invasive weeds.

The fabric is UV-stabilised, meaning that it can lie uncovered on flower beds, without losing its effect. Use Fibertex WeedControl® products in many applications, including garden beds, parks, hedges, fences, slopes and wood terraces.

Proven high-performance

Our WeedControl® products have been tested by The Danish Institute of Agriculture under controlled conditions. A study was carried out to prove the high-efficiency of Fibertex WeedControl® in preventing the growth of different aggressive weed species.

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Guaranteed performance


Guaranteed performance

Fibertex WeedControl® Basic10 years1 year
Fibertex WeedControl® Premium20 years3 years
Fibertex WeedControl® Premium Extra25 years5 years
Fibertex WeedControl® Premium Plus 5 years

* A guarantee is offered when the fabric is fully and continuouslycovered with 5 cm of wood chips or gravel in its full lifetime.
**Expected lifetime when exposed to sunlight.


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WeedControl® product range

ProductDimensionRollBasic weight
Fibertex WeedControl® Basic1 m x 12 m12 m250 gsm
Fibertex WeedControl® Premium1 m x 15 m15 m288 gsm
 1 m x 20 m20 m288 gsm
 2 m x 25 m50 m288 gsm
Fibertex WeedControl® Premium Extra1.25 m x 25 m31.25 m2125 gsm
 0.83 m x 50 m41.5 m2125 gsm
Fibertex WeedControl® Premium Plus1 m x 25 m25 m2150 gsm
 1 m x 50 m50 m2150 gsm


Home and Garden - Installation WeedControl

WeedControl® is black and hinders thus sunlight in reaching the weeds.
This inhibits photosynthesis, which means the weed dies.


  • Remove all weeds.
  • Rake and remove stones and roots to obtain a smooth and level foundation.
  • Unroll the WeedControl® and fix the edges with stones or pegs. This will keep the fabric in place, even in windy conditions. Ensure that the fabric is laid out with an overlap of 20 cm.


  • Mark the fabric with an ”X”, where you want to place the plant(s).
  • Cut the ”X” in a size matching the plant’s root.
  • Dig a hole and plant the plant. Fold back the flaps against the plant.


  • Dust soil off the fabric.
  • Cover the fabric with 5 cm layer of wood chips or gravel within 5 days to assure longest lifetime. Maximum recommended gravel size is 32 mm for the sake of good coverage of the fabric.


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