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Fibertex Nonwovens Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

7/F, Tower C, THE PLACE, 150 ZunYi Road, Changning District, Shanghai, P.R. CHINA (200051)

朱俊   Jun ZHU
技术销售经理 Technical & Sales Manager

手机/Mobile +86 185 16071318
直线/Tel. +86 21 22183018
传真/Fax +86 21 22183099

About Fibertex China

Fibertex Nonwovens established Fibertex Nonwovens Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. in Shanghai, China, in 2016. Although Fibertex Shanghai focuses on technical nonwovens solutions for automotive applications, the operation also promotes the entire Fibertex product range, designed for all industries. The company supports these products with a technical advisory and research and development facility.

2016年,Fibertex集团在中国上海注册成立了法帛太丝无纺布贸易(上海)有限公司,以汽车用高性能无纺布解决方案为基础,为集团的各类产品开拓中国市场,为中国的新老客户提供产品研发和技术支持的 “一站式” 服务。.

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Our employees are our most important asset. It is through our employees' skills and dedication that we create the basis for the company's continued development.

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