Fibertex nonwovens and nanofiber coatings are suitable for a wide range of surface filtration applications in dust collection and air pollution control. Filtration efficiencies range from Iso Coarse / MERV 10 with standard polyester nonwoven and optional hydrophopic, oleophopic and antistatic treatments, to E11 / MERV 17, with a durable nanofiber coating.

Filtration - Dust collector

Fibertex nanofiber coatings have exceptional filtration efficiency properties, with excellent dust cake release and minimal energy required for back pulsing. Nanofiber coatings can be applied into pleatable polyester nonwovens, cellulose/polyester blends and needlefelt bag filter media.

The nanofiber coating provides a true surface filtration, which is approximately 15 times thinner than similar efficiency ePTFE materials. The fine and highly-effective nanofiber coating is resistant to contamination from small particles and has twice the air permeability to help backpulsing, compared to the same efficiency ePTFE layer. The end result is extended filter life and savings in energy for back-pulsing.

Dust collection products

Media type Filter application Weight Thickness Efficiency rating Standard
        EN779-2012 ISO16890 Ashrae 52.2.
Cellulose/Polyester Pulsable Cartridges 115 gsm  0.4 mm F9 ePM1 80 % MERV15
Cellulose/Polyester Fire Retardant Pulsable Cartridges 130 gsm  0.4 mm F9 ePM1 80 % MERV15
100 % Polyester Pulsable Cartridges 160-260 gsm 0.5-0.7 mm F9 ePM1 80 % MERV15
        E11   MERV17
100 % Polyester Pulsable Pleated Bags 280 gsm  2.3 mm F9 ePM1 80 % MERV15
        E11   MERV17
100 % Polyester Needlefelt Pulsable Bags 325-550 gsm 2 - 2.6 mm Micron rated,

Possible treatment options of all 100% Polyester/Polyester Needlefelt media are:
Antistatic, Hydrophopic/Oleophopic or Antimicrobial


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