Automotive air media

Fibertex synthetic nonwovens and nanofiber treated products are available for a wide range of automotive air filtration applications, both as surface filtration and depth filtration media.

Filtration efficiencies range from Iso Coarse / MERV 10 with standard polyester nonwoven, up to E11 / MERV 17 with nanofiber treatment.


Fibertex nanofiber treatment in-depth loading filters offer exceptional filtration efficiency, with low pressure drop, without any electret charge. Pure mechanical filtration ensures no efficiency loss during the lifetime of the filter, which normally results from electrical discharge caused by pollution and humidity.

Fibertex depth filtration media – which extends service-life of the filter – have a gradient structure, comprising an initial pre-filter layer, a dust holding layer and the final nanofiber layer. Media are available in various thicknesses, depending on end-use requirements.


Media type Filter application Weight Thickness Efficiency rating Standard
        EN779-2012 ISO5011 Ashrae 52.2.
100 % Polyester Engine Air Intake passanger cars 300 gsm 2.5 mm M6-F7 99.5 % MERV11-13
100 % Polyester Engine Air Intake Heavy Duty 130 gsm 0.3 mm F7   MERV13
100 % Polyester Cabin Air 100 gsm 0.3 mm M6 ISO11555 MERV11-13
Polyester / Polypropylene Cabin Air 130 gsm 0.7 mm F9-E11 ISO11555 MERV13-17

Possible treatment options of
- Cabin Air application are: Hydrophopic/Oleophopic or Antimicrobial
- Engine Air Intake Heavy Duty application are: Hydrophopic/Oleophopic


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