Compoflex® SB 250

Compoflex® SB 250 is a peel ply, release film and breather, used to control flow rate and release consumables from a composite laminate. Compoflex® SB 250 generates a very rough and textured surface ideal for secondary bonding or painting of a composite laminate.

Compoflex® SB 250 may reduce or eliminate the need for sanding or abrading. Best results with epoxy resin, but we always recommend testing. Release film perforation style: low to medium bleed characteristics.

Compoflex® SB 250 is a medium weight breather (150g / 5 oz) ideal for low pressure cures and can be used as bleeder at any pressure. Works well with polyester, vinylester, epoxy, phenolic and other types of resin.

Technical data

Property Compoflex SB 250 Standard
Recommended working temperature 145°C (293°F)  -
Fibre type Polypropylene -
Fabric construction Nonwoven -
Weight 250 gsm EN 195
Thickness 1.0 mm ISO 9863 - 1
Tear resistance MD/CD 305 N/195 N ISO 9073 - 4
Pore size  < 10 μm ISO 12956


Maximum temperature is depending on process and Fibertex always recommends testing prior to use.
Above technical data are indicative.
MD = Machine direction  
CD = Cross direction

Width: 1.52 m (60 inch)
Length: 61 m (200 ft.)
Packing: 16 rolls per pallet each roll in clear foil 

Rolls can be cut to size maximum width available is 2.1 m (82.9 inch).


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