Compoflex® SB 150

Compoflex® SB 150 is a peel ply and release film, used to control flow rate and release consumable from a composite laminate. 

Compoflex® SB 150 generates a very rough and textured surface ideal for secondary bonding or painting of a composite laminate.

Compoflex® SB 150 may reduce or eliminate the need for sanding or abrading. Best results with epoxy resin, but we always recommend testing. Release film perforation style: Low to medium bleed characteristics. Works well with polyester, vinylester, epoxy, phenolic and other types of resin.

Technical data

PropertyCompoflex SB 150Standard
Recommended working temperature145°C (293°F) -
Fibre typePolypropylene-
Fabric constructionNonwoven-
Weight150 gsmEN 195
Thickness0.6 mmISO 9863 - 1
Tear resistance MD/CD170 N/100 NISO 9073 - 4
Pore size < 10 μmISO 12956


Working temperature
Recommended max. working temperature is 144°C (293°F). The melting point for polypropylene is 165°C (329°F). However, it is possible to use Compoflex® at 200°C (392°F) due to the fact that Compoflex® performs before the temperature exceeds the melting point. After cooling, the material becomes stable again, and peeling is just as easy as normal. We recommend conducting a test on a small part first.

Above technical data are indicative.
MD = Machine direction  
CD = Cross direction

Width: 1.52 m (47.4 inch)
Length: 61 m (200 ft.)
Packing: 25 rolls per pallet each roll in clear foil 

Rolls can be cut to size maximum width available is 2.1 m (82.9 inch)


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