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With focus on industrial wipes Fibertex Nonwovens offers a wide range of materials and solutions to find the ideal nonwoven wipe for a variety of applications in industry and institutions including food service wipes, medical wipes, patient cleaning and care wipes.

These products can be used wet or dry, impregnated with ingredients for specific purposes such as polishing, cleaning, personal care or removing bacteria.

Fibertex Nonwovens offers a wide range of highly advanced needlepunch and spunlace technologies to produce specific properties in an industrial wipe to match every industrial wiping requirement with the perfect nonwoven solution.

SPUNLACE (AQUADIM) - soft, resistant, high absorbency and consistent, plain, apertured, embossed, white or colored and various impregnation.
From 30gsm to 120gsm in Polyester, Viscose, PP, Bico blend.

NEEDLEPUNCHED NONWOVEN - soft, resistant, consistent and very good absorptive capacity, plain, white.
From 60gsm to 650gsm in Polyester, Viscose, PP, Bico blend.



The advantages of using Fibertex Nonwovens

•  Consistent, high performance and 
   custom engineered for each application
•  Hygienic, convenient, excellent cost 
   and value in use
•  Isotropic, textile-like, high end, 
   processability, resistence


We can offer FSC or PEFC certified nonwoven upon request.

High level of hygiene – material with very little bacterial count due to hygiene protocols in manufacturing process. We can supply copy of micro-biological or bio-burden testing when necessary.
Spunlace and needlepunched nonwovens can be safely used for direct skin contact.
Possibility to use specific fibers (cotton, Tencel, fibers in fine and high deniers ...)