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Coastal protection products from Fibertex


As coastal erosion becomes more prevalent - due to rising sea levels and changes in weather patterns - well-engineered and durable coastal protection structures are critical.

We need to protect our natural environment and keep coastal areas safe and attractive for everyone to enjoy.

Products gently prevent erosion

Ageing seaside infrastructure, large waves and narrowing beach widths, all contribute to the urgent need for coastal rehabilitation, to ensure greater environmental protection.

Eco-friendly Fibertex products withstand the effects of harsh wave action and are the perfect protection solution that allows beaches to retain their natural beauty. Our coastal protection products gently preserve the architectural expression of coastlines, preventing erosion from destroying tourist areas, also creating beautiful new artificial reefs.

Fibertex geotextiles are used in protection structures in coastal areas, rivers and harbours, for erosion control, dune revetments and slope protection, as well as in flood emergencies. Our geosynthetics solutions also encompass products improving durability of concrete structures like coastal bridges, tunnels and marine structures.

Beach revetments and artificial reefs with Geocontainers

Fibertex Geotextile Sand Containers (GSC), manufactured from UV stabilized Polypropylene fibres, form a durable geosynthetic alternative to conventional revetment structures.

GSC bags allow the free passage of water through the porous structure of the fabric and into the sand it carries, to absorb wave energy, while retaining the sand-fill in the bag.
The fabric - with a coarse anti-abrasion and vandal-resistant cover layer – traps sand particles and promotes growth of natural vegetation, for enhanced durability and aesthetics.

Geosynthetics Coastal protection_Geocontainers


  • are a sandy colour that looks natural in a coastal environment
  • offer resistance to extreme wave action
  • ensure environmental protection
  • protect coastal buildings and infrastructure
  • are a durable and aestheticallypleasing alternative to traditional hard revetment systems

Spectacular constructions, like Palm Islands in Dubai and Hong Kong Airport, have been constructed, utilising Geotextiles from Fibertex.

Improve concrete durability with Formtex

Degradation of concrete structures is accelerated by the effects of salt water, high temperatures and increased CO2 levels. Fibertex, with extensive experience in strengthening long-term performance of concrete in aggressive environments, offers the Formtex solution for concrete structures in harsh environments.

Formtex Controlled Permeability Formwork liners consist of a drainage layer that allows water and air to escape and a filter layer that retains cement particles. When water and air are drained from freshly poured concrete during compaction, the water/cement ratio in the concrete cover is reduced, resulting in denser and more durable concrete.

Geosynthetics Coastal protection_Formtex


  • improve durability of concrete structures
  • increases lifetime of structures
  • reduces maintenance costs
  • is a certified and technically-proven solution

Formtex has been used in iconic structures like the Sheikh Jabar Al Amad Causeway in Kuwait and Hangzhou Bay Bridge in China.

Find a product for your exact coastal protection needs

Fibertex manufactures a wide range of durable products for coastal rehabilitation. These environmentally friendly solutions include:

Geosynthetics Coastal protection_F range

Fibertex F-range

for Separation & Filtration

Geotextiles F-10 to F-1200M

Fibertex M-range

for drainage and protection in marine applications

Geotextiles F-10 to F-1200M
Geosynthetics Coastal protection_M range
Geosynthetics Coastal protection_Geocontainers


for beach revetment, breakwaters and artificial reefs



for in-situ concrete structures, such as harbour walls and bridges

Formtex products
Geosynthetics Coastal protection_Formtex


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