In waste disposal site constructions, waterproof membranes are combined with drainage systems to prevent contaminated water and biogases from leaking into the surrounding environment, whilst preventing water seepage into the waste material.

Fibertex Geotextiles, with high puncture resistance, are successfully used in waste disposal constructions to protect waterproof membranes from damage and to ensure a safe and effective drainage system, that offers an extended service life.

The use of our geotextiles improves the integrity of the construction and also reduces the thickness of each layer in the waste disposal system, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Applications - Landfills - Top layers

Landfills top layers

In supervised landfills sites, Fibertex Geotextiles on both sides of the membranes protect them from perforation. Furthermore, Fibertex Geotextiles are used as filter protection of the drainage layers.

Applications - Landfills - Bottom layers

Landfills bottom layers

As described above, Fibertex Geotextiles on both sides of membranes protect them from perforation. Fibertex Geotextiles also help to detect leaks.

Applications - Landfills - Water purification systems

Water purification systems

Fibertex Geotextiles on both sides of the waterproof membrane protect the system against perforation.


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