Ground systems

Fibertex Geotextiles are applied successfully in various types of ground systems, including ground storage areas, sports grounds, piles and trenches, as well as slopes.

Our geotextiles ensure improved and stabilised constructions with increased bearing capacity and reduced thickness of the various layers of materials.

Fibertex Geotextiles are also used for the protection of synthetic membranes and pipes against impacts from coarse grained material e.g. stones in the fill.

Applications - Ground systems - Pipes and trenches

Pipes and trenches

Placing a Fibertex Geotextile on the bottom of the trench increases the bearing capacity considerably.

Applications - Ground systems - Storage areas

Storage areas

Using Fibertex Geotextiles prevents mingling or loss of fines in the bearing courses as well as clogging of the drainage layer.

Applications - Ground systems - Storage areas with AM2

Storage areas with AM-2

Bitumen-saturated Fibertex AM-2 absorbs the stresses from cracks or joints in the old surface, preventing reflection through denisphalt composite wearing courses.

Applications - Ground systems - Sport grounds

Sport grounds

Grass fields, cinders and gravel courts/grounds are stabilised with Fibertex Geotextiles due to the effective drainage, ensuring an even surface.

Applications - Ground systems - Slopes


With Fibertex Geotextiles under the top layer, the slope will withstand subsoil water, rainwater and water from melted snow which would, otherwise, wash out the fines.


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