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Functions of Fibertex Geotextiles

Fibertex offers specifications according to the following functions: Separation, filtration, drainage, protection, reinforcement and stress relieving. Regardless of the type of construction, a Fibertex Geotextile performs at least one of these functions.

Fibertex Geotextiles - Separation


Separation is the basic use of geotextiles and is widely practiced in road works and railway constructions.

Geotextiles for Separation
Fibertex Geotextiles - Filtration


Geotextiles are widely used for filtration in road works and railway constructions as well as coastal protection.

Geotextiles for Filtration 
Fibertex Geotextiles - Drainage


Geotextiles are widely used for drainage in earth and construction works.

Geotextiles for Drainage