FiberRock® Geotextile Sand Containers are constructed from heavy duty staple fibre virgin polypropylene or cost effective recycled polyester geotextiles. Standard containers range from 2.5 m3 to 0.3 m3 in size and can be manufactured with coarse abrasion resistant outer Anti-Vandal and Fibertex composites or standard single ply geotextiles.

FiberRock® GSC’s are UV-stabilised, resistant to acids and alkalis and are protected against attack from fungi or rot. FiberRock® GSC’s are used in structures ostensibly for shoreline erosion protection against wave and current action, such as sea walls, revetments, groynes and breakwaters.​


Technical Data Sheets - FiberRock

FiberRock 20S

FiberRock 30S

FiberRock 75S

FiberRock 75V

FiberRock 100S

FiberRock 100V

FiberRock 250S

FiberRock 250V

FiberRock 250VF


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FiberRock brochure - Geotextile sand containers (GSC)



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