TechGrid TGU

TechGrid TGU series are uniaxial knitted polyester geogrids, with a polymeric coating engineered for demanding soil reinforcement applications. The high tenacity polyester yarns are formed into a dimensionally stable grid structure with uniform apertures, using an advanced weft insertion warp knitting process, which is then given a tough and durable polymeric coating to enhance dimensional stability, resistance to installation damage and durability.

TechGrid TGC-B series are knitted non-woven geotextile composites, incorporating high tenacity yarns in both directions. The high tenacity polyester yarns with low creep strain perform the reinforcement function, while the polypropylene needle punched non-woven geotextile provides both separation and drainage.

TechGrid TGC-B


Technical Data Sheets - TechGrid TGU

TechGrid TGU-60

TechGrid TGU-100

TechGrid TGU-200

Technical Data Sheets - TechGrid TGC-B

TechGrid TGC-B-55

TechGrid TGC-B-105

TechGrid TGC-B-210



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