Pozidrain is a thin, high strength preformed drainage (or gas vent) geocomposite consisting of a HDPE cuspated core laminated to a geotextile filter. The geotextile is laminated either onto the dimpled side or in many cases both sides of the drainage core. 

Pozidrain when laid forms a blanket (horizontal, sloping or vertical) to collect and transmit water or gas from the surrounding ground into adjacent ditches or pipes. Pozidrain also protects geomembrane liners from physical damage by the backfill. Pozidrain must be finally covered.

In certain applications Pozidrain forms a void and physical barrier that stops the capillary rise of water.

Typical applications are landfill containment and capping, cut-off trenches, capillary breaks, gas vents, highway embankments, drainage at the rear of reinforced earth walls & slopes, etc.


Technical Data Sheets - Pozidrain
ABG Pozidrain 4S250/NW8
ABG Pozidrain 4S250D/NW8
ABG Pozidrain 4S500/NW8
ABG Pozidrain 4S500D/NW8
ABG Pozidrain 4SK250/NW8
ABG Pozidrain 6S250/NW8
ABG Pozidrain 6S250D/NW8
ABG Pozidrain 6S500/NW8
ABG Pozidrain 6S500D/NW8
ABG Pozidrain 6SK250/NW8
ABG Pozidrain 7D240D/NW8
ABG Pozidrain 7S250/NW8


Pozidrain brochures
Pozidrain brochure



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