Applications for Fibertex GEOSYNTHETICS

Fibertex geosynthetics are suitable for various applications, including road works, construction, ground systems, drainage/filtration, hydraulic works, landfills, railways, green roofs, coastal protection and dewatering.

Barrier systems and protection

Fibertex geosynthetics are typically used as slope stabilization, liner protection, concrete channel construction or various barrier systems.

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Applications - Landfills - Bottom layers

Coastal protection

Fibertex geosynthetics are the perfect solution for protection structures in coastal areas, rivers and harbours, for erosion control, dune revetments and slope protection, as well as for artificial reefs and flood emergencies.

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Applications - Hydraulic works - Costal protection

Erosion control

Our geosynthetics are designed to prevent slopes, coastal and river bank erosion.

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Applications - Hydraulic works - Costal protection

Filtration and drainage

Fibertex geosynthetics are used in the construction of drainage pipes, surface drains, drainage trenches and building drains.

Our permeable geosynthetics form an effective and durable drainage system, with no risk of clogging.

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Applications - Drainage/Filtration - Surface drains

Reinforcement and separation

The Fibertex range of geosynthetics encompasses dependable solutions for road construction and maintenance. Our geosynthetics are used for reinforcement and separation in road constructions, to improve bearing capacity and extend service life of the road.

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Applications - Road works - Permanent roads


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Product Application Guide for Fibertex geosynthetics

The Product Key shows applications and functions of a wide range of Fibertex geosynthetics.

The Product Key helps you choose the correct Fibertex geosynthetics for your construction project.

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