The Secugrid® range is the next generation of biaxial and uniaxial geogrids, consisting of extruded, highly oriented PET or PP polymer bars.

The high strength monolithic welded junctions provide a structurally sound and stable geogrid suitable for basal reinforcement and mechanically stabilised earth walls, including veneer stabilisation and segmental retaining walls. 

Secugrid® state of the art geogrids offer superior strengths at low elongations, an important design characteristic when compared to other conventional geogrids.


Technical Data Sheets - Secugrid
Secugrid® R (PES/PET)
Secugrid® Q (PP)
Secugrid® 40/40 Q1
Secugrid® HS 500/100 R6 LA
Secugrid® HS 600/100 R6 LA
Secugrid® HS 800/100 R6
Secugrid® HS 1000/100 R6
Secugrid® HS 1200/100 R6


Secugrid brochures
Secugrid® advantages
Base course reinforcement with geogrids
Secugrid® gabion reinforcement chart
Secugrid® installation guide
Secugrid® Modular Block - 70°
Secugrid® Modular Block - 83°
Secugrid® R6 - Long term design strength
Secugrid® HS reinforcement
Secugrid® installation guideline for veneer reinforcement



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