The Combigrid® range consists of various flat geogrids made from interlaced extruded PET or PP polymer bars. A nonwoven geotextile is placed between the reinforcement bars during the manufacturing process and is firmly bonded between the reinforcement bars with the NAUE patented welding technology to provide a structurally sound geogrid. 

Combigrids are mainly used in conjunction with soft and low CBR soils where soil reinforcement in combination with separation and filtration is needed.


Technical Data Sheets - Combigrid
Combigrid® 20/20 Q1 GRK 4 C
Combigrid® 30/30 Q1 GRK 4 C

Combigrid® 40/40 Q1 GRK 4 C

Combigrid® 40/40 Q6 R 156 C

Combigrid® 60/60 Q6 R 156 C


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