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Concrete durability

Concrete durability is one of the most important considerations in the design of new structures in aggressive environments. Concrete construction is becoming increasingly complex and the importance of producing structures that are both cost effective and durable has never been higher.

Although all concrete is likely to deteriorate to some extent, ensuring good durability is about minimising the rate of deterioration.

The durability of a concrete is the key to the long term performance, and therefore a

n understanding of concrete durability is fundimental to cost effectiveness.

Below are some flyers that will give an overview of the mechanisms that are most likely to cause concrete deterioration.

Reinforcement corrosion in concrete



This flyer explains the reasons that the reinforcement starts corroding and the stages leading to reinforcement corrosion.

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Chloride transport in concrete

This flyer explains the transport mechanisms that move the chloride ions through the concrete, namely Diffusion, Permeation/capillary rise and Migration.

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Order complete Formtex documentation

Order the free Formtex documentation containing test reports, certificates, product data, brochures, animation,  presentation and installation guidelines.


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Carbonation of concrete

This flyer explains what carbonation is,  when carbonation of concrete is possible and which parameters are important for the speed of carbonation. 

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