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Formtex® is mainly used for constructions in aggressive environments, where normal concrete does not deliver a satisfactory lifetime. Using Formtex® considerably extends the lifetime of concrete structures cast in aggressive environments.

The main applications of Formtex® CPF liner are listed below.




Dam Swizerland Formtex

Marine structures

Marine structures are subject to an extremely aggressive environment. Mainly splash zones need special attention to ensure an acceptable lifetime for the construction as a hole. Formtex ensures a dense concrete cover to delay the ingress of aggressive elements significantly.
Bridge Formtex

Bridges and tunnels

Bridges, tunnels and other road constructions suffer from tough conditions. Normal concrete deteriorates as a result of de-icing salts, freeze/thaw conditions and other aggressive elements. Formtex provides the crucial first line of defence needed to ensure a decent lifetime of these constructions.