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As the ideal underlay for wooden floors, Fibertex has developed the product Woodback®. It provides enchanced walking comfort and excellent absorption of noise. Woodback® is easy to roll out and gives no creasing or bulging. Even though the material is strong with good inherent stability, it can be cut and trimmed to shape as desired.

Inspiration and ideas

To get tips and inspiration and to see a user manual for Woodback®, visit our Home & Garden web page.

Home & Garden


Wooden floors

A wooden floor is very attractive and modern, but sometimes footsteps sound very loud on wooden floors. With Woodback® Pro, you can minimise the noise level from footsteps.

Woodback® Pro

The environmental solution

Woodback® Pro does not in any way impose a burden on the environment or the indoor climate in your home, as it does not contain any chemicals, PVC, polyethane or similar.