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Modular carpet system

Our advanced modular carpet system is one of the most innovative in the carpet industry. It is based on our patented TWO-in-ONE® system featuring high dimensional stability, excellent sustainability and walking comfort.



Comfortback is designed for high quality and meets all current requirements for contract carpets in broadloom or tiles. At the same time, it is fully compatible with modern environmental




Broadloom carpet manufacturers can now enter into in-house production of carpet tiles by using the TWO-in-ONE® backing system. This gives tremendous advantages in terms of production efficiency due to a one step in-line process. Additional benefits are achieved in planning, logistics and overall flexibility.

The system is designed so that the following backing techniques can be applied:





- Traditional latex process







- Hot melt extrusion process
- Powder scattering process

Easy handling 

Due to the low weight, our ComfortBack® product  provides easy handling and quick installation with a non-permanent adhesive which allows uplift  and replacement as required. Furthermore, ComfortBack® is completely bitumen and PVC free. As such, it is fully compatible with all current requirements for contract carpets and complies with all modern environmental standards. Combining broadloom and tiles in carpet design enables architects and designers to create outstanding dimensions in textile floor covering.