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For more information on the Kavi product range, please download the brochure.

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Fibertex KAVI for no-dig pipeline renovation

Cured-in-place pipe renovation is one of the most innovative applications ever developed for needlepunched nonwovens.

Fibertex KAVI felts are ideally suited to accept the epoxy-based polyurethane resins that later allow the cured pipe liner to perform. Felt weight and density are suited to meet the application and diameter of the pipe to be repaired.

The tensile properties of the felt and the elongation properties across the entire width can be fine-tuned to meet with the performance expectations. This fine tuning is possible due to batt shaping and web drafting with state-of-the-art production.

Felts made for building up layers can also be produced to precise widths and lengths as specified.

Fibertex KAVI felt for CIPP liner – the best choice

We have many years of experience with nonwovens for this application. Our ability to supply tailor-made solutions made to fit our customers´ every requirement. We continuously strive to improve our services to the benefit of our customers.

Fibertex KAVI felt provides the following features:
•  Virgin polyester fibres providing for +50 years of durability
•  Tailor-made biaxial stiffness made to your specification
•  Uniform thickness over width and weight every time
•  Uniform density across the entire width
•  Felt designed for optimum coating and wet-out
•  High tensile strength achieved by sandwich structure and scrim combinations
•  Minimum contamination (black fibres, oil stains, hard spots and fused fibres)
•  Suitable for both Inversion and Pull-in and inflate installations