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Below are several examples as to how to build the FiberAcoustic® products into different product types thereby improving the acoustic performance.
The different principles of building in FiberAcoustic® can also be used in product types which are not shown here.
Only the imagination set the limit for where FiberAcoustic® could be implemented in order to improve the acoustic performance.

Suspended ceilings

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FiberAcoustic® 75 is the ideal solution for suspended ceiling systems.
The material has an adhesive on one side as standard, and is compatible with most heat press processes. The adhesive performs well with most common base materials such as steel and wood.
FiberAcoustic® is easy to cut to the right size and shape, yet it is tough and strong, making it easy to work with at the construction site or in the heat press facility.

Wall panels

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For construction of high-performance acoustic wall panels, FiberAcoustic® 450 provides excellent acoustic properties and unique sound absorption.
The products are extremely tough and punch resistant and will withstand most impacts without being damaged and without losing performance. FiberAcoustic® 450 is very flexible and can easily be bent and shaped to fit corners and odd angles.


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For screens, FiberAcoustic® provides superior noise absorbance while ensuring a high degree of flexibility in terms of choosing the right fabrics. As the acoustic performance is already ensured, the face fabric can be chosen with focus on design and colour.


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For constructors and designers of acoustic baffles, FiberAcoustic® provides a unique opportunity to work with e.g. customer-specific colours, logos or message prints without compromising excellent acoustic performance.


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If you seek/need an easy and quick acoustic solution FiberAcoustic® 450 can be used as curtain. The strength and flexibility of FiberAcoustic® 450 makes installation and use very easy. FiberAcoustic® 450 is available in all colors and image and/or logos can be printed on the surface.

Highway screens

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By build-up/construction of eg. highway screens requirements can be many. FiberAcoustic products offer various unique properties. For example is FiberAcoustic® 200 popular for this application because of its anti-graphitic properties.