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Needlepunch production technology

This dry-laid technology is based on a two-step process.
First, polypropylene resin is extruded into fibres.
Secondly, these fibres are carded and needlepunched and then bonded thermally
to form nonwovens.

Weights range from 50 g/m² to 1200 g/m².

Fibertex Nonwovens - Needlepunch line - From granules to fibres

From granules to fibres

Polypropylene resin is extruded into endless fibres, and then stretched, crimped and cut into short fibres.

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Fibertex Nonwovens - Needlepunch line - From fibres to nonwovens

From fibres to nonwovens

Fibres are carded and needlepunched.

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