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Fibertex Nãotecidos Ltda.

Estrada Municipal Octavio Pilon, km 2,3 
B. São Francisco, Cerquilho / SP
CEP 18520-000

Tel.     55 (15) 3384-8400


From footwear, critical cleaning to the wiping industry, to the automotive and filtration sector, Fibertex Naotecidos Ltda. can assist with all your spunlace needs.


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In addition to basic spunlacing nonwoven processing, the plant also produces specialities with Aramids, Carbon and much more.

About Duci

As of 1st February 2018 Fibertex Nonwovens acquired the Brazilian nonwovens manufacturer DUCI Nonwovens technology located in Sao Paulo. DUCI was founded in 2000, when DuPont - Cipatex (a market-leading Brazilian group on PVC laminated products) decided to invest in a joint venture to produce nonwoven products in Brazil. Today, the company operates one spunlacing production line, manufacturing products for the following industries; Footwear, Critical Cleaning, Automotive and Filtration.