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Fibertex capillary mats for sub-irrigation

Having optimum growth conditions in nurseries and greenhouses truly pays off. Fibertex capillary mats enable efficient and controlled sub-irrigation.


The best choice. The most used type of capillary mat for all sorts of nurseries and greenhouses. Designed to provide an excellent balance between capillary action and water retention capacity.
Optimal water/fertilizer distribution even on sloping benches. Excellent capillary function and exact control of the dry-wet cycle can be achieved. Uniform water distribution.

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F-80 Extra

F-80 Extra

Best choice for good filter properties. Developed for ebb and flood benches where its main function is filtering. By using F-80, dirt is avoided in the nozzles and the irrigation system. Further, the mat will absorb the remaining moisture after ended irrigation, and distribute this evenly to the plants.

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