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Fibertex Geotextiles

Fibertex Geotextiles are used in building and construction works for separation, filtration, drainage, protection, stabilization and reinforcement. Fibertex Geotextiles are made of virgin polypropylene fibres added HALS UV stabilizer according to EN12224. The basic strength of Fibertex Geotextiles is obtained by needle-punching the PP-fibres which gives strong elastic bonding between the fibres. Due to the unique production process all Fibertex Geotextiles are added a thermal treatment unless products marked with M (needlepunched only).

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Fibertex needlepunch production process


Fibertex Geotextiles (Roll)

Product range

Detailed information on the Fibertex Geotextiles product range is available here.

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Fibertex Geotextiles

Application areas

Fibertex Geotextiles are ideal for many different civil engineering works. Use our product key as guidance when to use which products. 

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Fibertex Geotextiles Product Data

Product data

Download product data for our Fibertex Geotextiles products:

F-10, F-20, F-22, F-25, F-30, F-31, F-32, F-33, F-35, F-40, F-46, F-50, F-55, F-60, F-200M, F-300M, F-400M, F-500M, F-600M, F-650M, F-800M, F-1000M and F-1200M.

Product data for Fibertex Geotextiles


Fibertex Geotextiles


Fibertex Geotextiles are used for separation, filtration, drainage, protection, reinforcement and stress relieving.

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