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Vacuum pre-preg and hand lay-up

How can Compoflex
save daily production
time and costs?


Standard Compoflex®: All-in-one! 

The Compoflex® products are breathable microporous peeling materials. Designed to replace up to three consumables with a single layer in composite manufacturing, Compoflex® offers direct benefits: 

• Superior peeling properties
The microporous surface and the low surface tension of PP nonwovens ensure that Compoflex® peels at one fifth of the force needed to peel conventional peel ply.

 • Uniform bleeding
Random microporous perforation style enables uniform bleeding and thereby stronger and lighter laminates. Furthermore, overlapping is possible without jeopardizing laminate quality.

• Time and cost savings
In vacuum bagging, Compoflex® can replace three consum¬ables – peel ply, release film and breather. Fewer consumables combined with easy peeling reduce costs and handling time, simplifying the process considerably.

• Easy peeling minimises resin dust
Compoflex® peels easily and hardened resin remains in the liner reducing the amount of airborne resin dust. Traditional peel ply generates intensive resin dust activity, causing an unhealthy working environment. 





Secondary Bonding Compoflex® SB

• Compoflex® SB with secondary bonding properties
Compoflex® SB is designed to produce a surface ready for secondary bonding while maintaining the superior peeling properties of the standard Compoflex® products. Compoflex® SB products may reduce or eliminate the need for sanding or abrading. Best results achieved with expoxy resin but testing is always recommended. Compoflex® SB is offered in two versions for pre-preg and hand lay-up.
• Simplifying the process
Compoflex® SB 250 replaces low capacity breather fabrics while SB 400 replaces high capacity breather fabrics.
Moreover, both products replace peel ply and release film, simplifying and streamlining your production.