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Benefit from the many advantages by using Compoflex for Infusion

The Compoflex® products are breathable microporous peeling materials, designed to replace up to three consumables with a single layer. Compoflex® offers direct benefits.

Advantages with Compoflex®


Compoflex for Infusion

In the resin Infusion process, the dry fibre material is placed directly in the mould. A distribution fabric or grid is installed to ensure corect resin flow and optimal vacuum distribution. Between the dry fibre material and the distribution fabric, a peel-ply is installed as a seperator. Compoflex 150 replaces the peelply and ensures easy peeling, leaving a clean surface.

Designed without a bleeder layer, Compoflex 150, Compoflex SB 150, Compoflex RF 150 and Compoflex SB RF 150 are ideal for for the resin infusion process

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