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Fibertex has conducted extensive research into nanofibres which has resulted in

the launch of commercial products. The main benefit of Fibertex nanofibre in

filter media is increased filtration efficiency with lower pressure drop compared

to conventional filter media. The increased active surface area of the nanofibres

and the small pore size deviation ensure unparalleled filter media performance.

Air filtration

Filter media in filter classes F, HEPA and ULPA.

Low pressure drop and increased

air permeability






High surface area

Improved dust cake release properties

Hydrophobic/hydrophilic surface characteristics




















Liquid filtration

Filter media with mean flow pore size

0.15-100 µm.


Low pressure drop and increased water flow

High surface area

Small pore size deviation




















Did you know that ...

• One gram of 100 nm nanofibre has 120 times bigger surface area than one gram of 12.5 µm microfibre.

• 15,000 100 nm nanofibres are equivalent to one 12.5 µm microfibre.
This changes filtration properties radically!

Why low pressure drop using nanofibres?

....Less non-permeable surface area of fibres significantly increases porosity.